How can you offer the products at such low prices?

All WordPress items such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means that once we have purchased the item we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so.

How many sites can I use the plugin or theme on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are GPL licensed so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.

How can I hide license reminders or usage keys?

Consider hiding the license activation reminders through a plugin like “WP Nag Hide.“ This plugin is free and very popular in the WordPress community. Make sure to check the official documentation for more information!

Is support Included?

No. If you require technical support regarding a plugin or theme then you will need to either purchase the product directly from the author

Are these products genuine?

Yes, 100%. The files that are available on this site are 100% genuine. None of the files has been modified and do not contain malware, virus and backdoors. We even use them on our site!

Will the purchased product be updated automatically?

Not for all products, If you need to update the product, you must download it from our website and perform the update manually. If you want to receive automatic updates you must purchase the product directly from the developer.

Can i Request The New Version of outdated Plugins and themes?

Yes, you can submit us your request and we are pleased to update for you as soon as possible. Please note that we do not issue guarantee that the last version of each products will be added

Is it legal to use downloaded products without entering a license key?

Yes, it is legal. All digital products on the website are released under GNU General Public License. Developers request you to register in order to get automatic updates on plugins and themes.

Do you provide License Keys? and Why Are These Plugins/Themes Asking Me For A License Key?

No, we do not provide a license key, Please ignore these warnings. Developers request you to register in order to get automatic updates on plugins and themes. These warnings do not prevent the plugins and themes from running.

What is your Refund Policy

The nature of digital media means that once you have downloaded a plugin or theme there’s really no way to ‘return’ it. No refunds will be given except in the case when the digital product is completely unusable and this only applies to one time purchased users, not users on subscription base. If the digital product is unusable, we need time to try to fix it. Otherwise, we will make a refund.

How to Install WordPress Plugins and Theme Manually

1. All plugins and Themes downloaded from our site are in the Rar format. Most operating systems (Windows, Mac, and so on) have built-in tools to open Zip files. After opening the Rar file, extract the Zip file contained inside the Rar file and put it in a directory on your computer that is easily accessible. 2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. 3a. In your WordPress Admin Menu, go to Plugins > Add New. or 3b. In your WordPress Admin Menu, go to Themes> Add New. 4. Click on Upload Plugin button found on top left corner of page. 5. Click on Browse, Select the .zip file of your plugin or theme in your computer, and click Install Now button. 6. At this point, the plugin or theme is installed. You can click on Activate Plugin or theme link to work with it. Well done, you have managed to install and activate your WordPress plugin !